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KU DE TA Perth with Nightlife Music and Spotify

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Nightlife Music with Spotify and Perth’s hottest new entertainment destination, KU DE TA Perth are a match made in music heaven.

In March, the original Bali sunset destination KU DE TA opened its first international property in Perth (WA), engaging Nightlife Music as its music supplier. Renowned across the globe for its unparalleled music offering, KU DE TA Perth needed an Australian music partner who could maintain their reputation while adapting the music played in the venue to suit a new audience.

“Our brand is synonymous with good vibes and cool music,” said KU DE TA General Manager Jeremy Blunt. “We have been in Bali for 17 years consistently delivering the music that people want to listen to most. For us, the music is everything: our customers expect quality music from us, it’s part of the atmosphere we create and you can see how much our clientele love it.”

The design process was underpinned by Nightlife’s partnership with global streaming giant, Spotify. KU DE TA Music and Brand Director, Arshad Rizvi curates playlists using Spotify and then schedules these to play back at the right time of day from their in-venue Nightlife Media Player.

Mr Rizvi continues to update his playlists in Spotify, with these changes automatically mirrored on the Nightlife Media Player in the venue – meaning changes can be made anywhere, anytime.

In addition to having ultimate control over every track that plays, KU DE TA also benefits from Nightlife’s meticulous approach to sound quality, in essence, making Rizvi’s Spotify lists sound even better.

On engaging Nightlife Music as their music supplier, Blunt said Nightlife was a perfect fit for the KU DE TA brand and identity.

“With Nightlife Music it’s more of a partnership than that of a supplier; they deliver exactly what we need them to in an incredibly easy way.”